It’s a cute outfit if you like pastels🤫🤫!!


Tip for short heights girls?

When someone looks at us, they see us from up to down, or down to up.

They would never see you from left to right, or right to left.

Therefore your structure, should not be cut anywhere. I will give you an example,

You can take a look at the picture, she has worn a striped sweater, which is dividing her body in parts, it means your vision is also divided and she seems to be short.

You can see that your clothes can also be responsible for your body to look short, so here is what you can do…

#Shift Your Waist Line…

Two things to do

1. Shift it up

Here are your legs… That is lower body seems long…

2. Shift it down

Here your torso… That is upper body seems long

This is how you can shift your waist line and look taller…