How to find your style? Or be fashionable or stylish?

How to find your style, and confidence to wear it?

  • Assess your wardrobe

I want you to start with your wardrobe because it can be too intimidating to build a whole new wardrobe from scratch, what your style is…

The best place to start is wardrobe because you have things in your hand to see what you’re confident in…

Now, many of us have some pieces that we love, those pieces which define us to the next level. But we just haven’t bought the rest of the wardrobe around to fit those, like, pieces which we love. So here’s what to do,

Try tracking the clothes you wear for a week or 2...

There couple of ways to do it

  1. Move the clothes you have worn to a different place or section.
  2. You can turn around the hanger hooks to keep it simple

Once you have the clothes, you need to figure what those clothes have in common,

  1. Their fitting
  2. Or do you prefer jeans?
  3. Or are you into body-hugging clothes more?
  4. What about the color scheme? Do you like pastels or are you more into black and white clothing more?
  5. Or is there a certain brand whose material and fitting you like more?
  6. What is their comfort level? Something we mostly overlook.

I grew with this misconception that you have to always suffer or be uncomfortable to be fashionable.

I think that’s where we have a bad relation with fashion because we’ll buy them tight, bodycon dress that we frankly are uncomfortable wearing.

Now once you have a rough idea of what you are comfortable in, what color scheme you like, maybe a certain brand, or fitting, you are ready to dive into the next step.

  • Finding inspiration

So this is the fun part,

You can scroll through, Instagram, Pinterest, Old movies, Old magazines, and runway shows… And call it to research, because it technically is๐Ÿ˜‰

We are looking for style inspiration, not a reason to hate ourselves. I will put some pages that I personally like scrolling through




Pinterest can really be something…

Before you scroll through something you don’t like, figure the thing that you don’t like

Maybe the neon in this is too bright for you.
Or are these braids to much….and your style is more mature?
Or do I not like the gingham print on her dress, or what is wrong with me? It is the best print.

Ask yourself: what is different in your style that you don’t like in that outfit and the same thing for the ones you like,

Is the dress too flattering on her?
Or do I like the color scheme here?

These are the things that can point you towards what style you might like

Whatever you like save those up, do you can zoom out to more the 1 or 2 outfits…

This could go two ways, you are drawn towards more pastel girly colors, their dresses, or towards the edgy ones more, dark color ones more.

But for most of us, it can be a mix up of things,

Ask yourself is this something that reflects my personality, do I see myself wearing it, does this fit into my lifestyle?

It can also turn out that you don’t have a single style, I don’t, I can’t just go with a single style, you should not box yourself in it.

Now that you have the pictures sorted, and maybe your style too now time to go SHOPPING!!!

Even if you are probably feeling really good about your style and want to buy a whole new wardrobe, I would suggest,

Please. Do. Not. Do. That

Impulsive buying will fill your whole wardrobe and you end up wearing the same thing again and again throughout the year.

So here’s a trick try choosing 5 outfits that you see yourself looking at repeatedly. List those five down…

And keep your vision straight and don’t let other pieces divert you.

You are on a mission, where you have to buy the things you noted or saved.

Once you buy them, bring them home, and wear them for a couple of months, upgrade your save list, find something new style, keep upgrading!!

  • Practice practice practice

Everything needs practice, even being fashionable does.

People think being fashionable is not something you practice but are born with, it’s absolute shit. You need to practice everything.

Out effort in putting an outfit together. The effort is what it takes, you can’t expect to be stylish like celebrities overnight.

Save 10 minutes for your outfit, and 5 to get it together, you will have to spend more time…

With that saying, I will see you off and take care, and practice!!!!