The ultimate guide to closet essential!!

It’s not like I told you, you need a t-shirt ~ofcourse you need a t-shirt but like how am I supposed to choose a good t-shirt, and what brand should I buy it from, and what’s an affordable option, and a more expensive option.

So those are the things that I am hopefully going to include here.

  • Why invest in basics?

For a lot of people investment in basics is a hard process because it just sucks๐Ÿ˜… to spend, you know 1000, 2000 on something that looks so not exciting.

But see these basics as building blocks of your wardrobe and you can’t get to it, like the top of the fashion tower, without having a solid foundation.

  • Jeans

Finding good jeans is like finding a fucking rare Pokemon like you really have to hunt them down.

Everyone is going to have different jeans preferences but here are some of my main criteria for finding the perfect pair of jeans.

I always look for a high rise or you may call it high waist jeans.

Secondly, I look for a straight fit throughout the legs something that feels a little bit vintage inspired a little bit more grown-up than a jegging.

Thirdly, I look at where it ends on the ankle. I think if it is long and hits the floor isn’t a problem…because folding jeans the wrong way can never get out of fashion. But ankle length is the best you can have.

The last criteria are fabric. Everybody wants stretchy denim, coz it’s more comfortable and all, but I recommend having a kind of stiff material jeans. And not ripped in the crotch like most of my jeggings did.

  • Demin shorts

I like my shorts to be long and not show my butt line, but then again we are comfortable wearing something different. I am good with both tight fitting and A line cut shorts. Because you know, you need to show your curves and sometimes sweating is too much to handle.

  • Black boots

Now these come in couple different styles, I will give you a few examples. I love them because they last for a few decades.

One to own is the best which are weatherproof and comfortable to walk around a lot in.

I know these are not basic…but mind it, they are types of boots!!
  • White sneakers

These go with every thing out there, and mind me, it does.

There, you might find kind of design but they don’t vary much.

  • Nude block heels

Now why block?

Because they a more comfortable, simple!!๐Ÿ˜˜

Now, nude goes with everything and mostly blends in with your skin color and your legs feel elongated and the heel will add to your height.

  • Bras + Bralettes
  • Black + White t-shirts

You may think t-shirts are like all the same, same cuts, same fabrics, but no they are different.

Go to different shops try on different t-shirts, you will know it too.

Look at the shoulders, are the sleeves flattering your arms?

  • White blouse

Any fancy top that can make the top and jeans a good outfit. I look for wide necklines if it is tight fitting so that I can show-off my collarbone area. And also little detail that may elevate it. For e.g.

This too has small balls that give a cute look to it. And the sleeves…. I love the vintage look they give.

  • Black turtle neck

Now, I personally don’t like turtle neck, but wait there is a valid reason for why I don’t like

I have a short neck, almost like it does not exist, because of some postural problems.

But, I am recommending them because they are perfect for layering. And black because you know, it goes with everything ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Little pattern dress

Now a little black dress will be classic but other colors and patterns are lovely aren’t they? And it also feels like an age of reformation…

Please look for something with good fit, and what fits good?

Anything thing with a zipper is gods gift, just kidding!

But, zipper helps flattering your body type a lot.

That’s all for this time, will meet you soon, take care sweeties๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜